Perfect Pancakes by the Perfect Pancake People

Perfect Pancakes by The Perfect Pancake People

A bit of a strange thing to find on a skin care site? Well, it is plant-based and good for you too.


Once I understood that American pancakes, for me, are so much more superior than a UK pancake, it changed the way I thought of them from being a one off, "maybe I'll get a good one today", to, "yes, let's go get pancakes".

With such a wonderful accolade for such an American iconic food, surely there's a "hitch"?

Of course, over the last 10 years ish, I have had a few pancakes that I wasn't so impressed with, some of which I'd made. Me being me, I had to work my way through various pancake mixes, make pancakes from them in various ways to include additions of herbs as well as ratios of milk:water:buttermilk:cream and as I got better at the art of pancake making, I expected more when I went out to eat them. It was on a birthday that all of this changed.

"Where would you like to go for your birthday?" my hubby asked. The destination was not necessary, and probably neither the cuisine but the word, pancakes, flowed effortlessly. (He was disappointed, he had a Mexican restaurant in mind) And so off we went to a favorite pancake house of mine only to be semi fulfilled, well, I had been making my own for over a year by then. With a new found level of appreciation I just had to put my mix together and now we ar able to bring it to you so you too can experience perfect pancakes, everytime.


I want perfect pancakes and I know you do too so we only use the absolute best ingredients available.

The Flour : Ancient grain organic spelt

The Salt - All natural sea salt

The Baking Powder - Aluminum free

The Baking Soda - Balances pH

Information on Spelt Flour CLICK HERE