Cholesterol - The Whole Truth

CHOLESTEROL : The Whole Truth

That dreaded word, yet a totally natural substance that we need to remain healthy, especially for nerve/brain function

High cholesterol is not a good thing, but to stop it being produced in an attempt to reduce it, is worse.

So What Is The Answer?

A treatment plan that effectively

• removes cholesterol from the arteries

• treats the cause as to why it was deposited in the arteries

• establishes life-changing habits to maintain excellent health

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It is vital to get high cholesterol or any sickness, under control, but it’s as equally important to establish a better lifestyle to maintain the good work, otherwise, you’ll always be looking for that, ”special” albeit natural, “pill” to resolve the issue.

Here’s a list of the scientifically researched, proven, fact-based cholesterol reducing foods that we can all enjoy.

Plant-Based Cholesterol Reducing Foods

• Herbs – Raspberry leaf / Elderflowers / Hibiscus

• Spices - Ginger/Turmeric/Cumin/Garlic/Pepper

• Fermented Food – Black Garlic / Kefir / Kamboocha Tea

• Grain – Spelt / Oats

• Seeds – Dark Chocolate / Psyllium / Flax / Chia

• Beans - Chickpea / Navy / Kidney

• Fruit - Dried apples / Avocado

• Nuts – Walnuts / Pine / Pistachios / Almonds

• Oils - Flaxseed oil / Olive oil




ZiNO Skin Care is a full range of all natural skin care line for you to benefit from.

A skin care range that feeds you from the outside in, because, if it goes in, it can go on.

Your Health Quest : Our Mission

We all want it. To be healthy. But at what cost?

Would you sacrifice your health?

I've done just that. "Needed" a new ..... and purchased less expensive food to compensate. And from, time-to-time, it probably won't give any long-term detrimental health issues, but, when looking after our physical bodies is second to all else, we will suffer.

As simple as I can say it, if you abuse it, you will lose it.

If you want to get well and stay well, a little knowledge goes a long way, so, click on any of the links below and help yourself to some "free stuff" that will stand the test of time.

Leaky Gut  Cholesterol  Vitamin D



Ordering Skin Care and Healing Teas

ZiNO Botanical Skin Care

Botanical Skin Care

Using the best, with knowledge, is a win-win and our goal, to see you well, looking great and staying well, is fulfilled.

I never wanted to get sick, watch myself age prematurely and we know you feel the same.

What we've achieved to date is remarkable, witnessing skin heal and people's lives restored is wonderful and we are blessed to have these experiences and hope to be able to continue for many years to come with you alongside us.

4Squared Healing Teas : Synergy 6 Blends

4Squared Healing Teas : Synergy 6 Blends

Why We Sell Tea

I've always loved teas but didn't get serious with them until I absolutely wanted not to have to take supplements.

You've probably read my story of when I was unwell and tried everything, mostly supplements and diet restriction, but I yearned for a balanced diet; a full healing. Willing to try tea as an alternative medicine, the results were much better than expected and I did a virtual cartwheel of delight

That's what I want for you. That's why we sell teas.