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Leaky Gut?

The term, “leaky gut” was coined to help those afflicted, with a myriad of health issues, to understand what was happening, why it was happening and how to reverse the ill health that they are suffering.

Parameters of Diet

In essence, you’d expect the following to be true. Good food – Good Health

But when, Good food – Poor Health come together, this presents a conundrum that leads us to acknowledge that something on a biomolecular level has gone awry.

In order to realistically assess the underlying cause of any illness we should always take into consideration diet. For this article we are going to assume that the diet of the individual is excellent because, in truth, mine was and yet, I got very sick. As with the conundrum, there was a parameter that did not need changing, what remained, was understanding, why my health had failed.

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Function of the Gut

Is there any truth that by healing the gut, your physical being benefits?

In order to answer this question, we must understand what it is that the gut does and how it does it.

The gut (gastrointestinal tract) is the long tube that starts at the mouth and ends at the back passage (anus).

The course of food as it enters the body can be summarized as a 10 step journey.

1 – Mouth - All that we eat and drink, is chewed in the mouth and this, when small enough is swallowed

2 – Gullet - Small food particles pass down the gullet, the oesophagus

3 - Stomach - receives small food particles

4 - Small intestine - 3 sections where food is digested and assimilated

(This is the place that we will be taking a closer look at but food continues its journey)

5 – Large intestine – Caecum – where water is absorbed

6 – Ascending colon (it travels upwards)

7 – Transverse colon (it crosses the body)

8 – Descending colon (it travels downwards)

9 – Sigmoid colon

10 – Rectum where waste is expelled

Healing a leaky gut - naturally

Digestion and Assimilation

For the most part, there aren’t too many issues with the function of the mouth, unless of course you have issues with your gums and eating is a problem which can lead to food not being chewed sufficiently, but it is when the food enters the small intestine that we are interested in as it is here that food should be assimilated efficiently for vital nutrients to be absorbed and this, “feed” us.

Assimilation of food occurs through the fine, hair-like prominences of the gut lining called the villi.

Because there are so many molecular reactions that take place as soon as we put food or drink into our mouth, I’d have to write a biology book on the subject, but it wouldn’t help us in healing the gut, so back to the villi.

Assimilation is one of the vital roles of the gut which occurs in the small intestine, through the villi. With the villi taking center stage with literally millions of them lining the gut, we can easily and correctly assume, the condition of the villi is also vital and in fact, most of the important nutrients are released into the bloodstream via them.

If the first part of the digestive system is functioning correctly with various enzymes being released to help with the breakdown of food in preparation of the villi receiving it and doing its job of assimilation, but is unable to, then there is a break in the digestive process, and this is when health issues arise leaving us feeling as though we’re only firing on one or two cylinders when three or four is what’s needed.

When we understand that the gut is responsible for the digestion and assimilation of nutrients, we can easily answer the first question, with, yes, if the gut is healed, we will benefit in our physical health, and, because we have evidence-based facts that if we lack in any vitamin, mineral, amino acid, ie, nutrient, that this in itself will cause mental ill health through, for example, hormone imbalances, we can also categorically state that gut health is vital for physical and mental health; as part of the digestive system, who’s role is to assimilate vital nutrients is sick, so too are we.

Healing a leaky gut - naturally

Citing Me As An Example

All my life, I ate healthy, was a busy person and exercised periodically, yet, I got sick.

It’s true, we all get sick, you know, a head cold, even flu, but, when your system crashes and just won’t repair, even when you add the highest quality, full spectrum, supplements, you know something has gone very wrong, then, Type II Diabetes manifests, along with hypothyroidism and … and …. Essentially, you can’t remember what it was like to be well, least of all that you could ever be well again, then you learn about, “the leaky gut syndrome” and things start to change.

Keeping it as scientific as possible, I kept all the parameters the same, bar one, which was the addition of herbs to specifically repair the gut, after some success with this, I added microgreens to my diet.

I decided on microgreens for 2 reasons.

1 – I’d prayed about making, “the next jump” in my health and the Lord had led me to them

2 – I didn’t want to “pop pills”. It’s unnatural as we are meant to eat food and microgreens looked as though they could deliver what it was I was looking for in nutrition directly associated with healing the gut. I wasn’t disappointed.

After 1 week of adding various microgreens to my diet, I looked at my husband, Gary and said, “I feel normal”. By then, I’d suffered the consequences of a leaky gut for 5 years, so for me to say this, was epic.

I was by no means fully recovered, and by saying, "I feel normal" I was referring to both a physical and mental change for the better, but, I emphasize here, a mental shift because it was a profound one. As mental health is subjective, it’s difficult for me to explain fully the, “jump” that had occurred, but I distinctly remember my clarity of thought had returned and with this, the ability to watch a TV program and follow along when previous to this, I’d capture snippets of information and phase out often.

Healing a leaky gut - naturally

Getting Back To The Gut

We’ve determined that if the gut is functioning correctly, ie, assimilating nutrients, and our lifestyle is healthy, we will not only benefit in our physical health but also in our mental health. But wait! Why did the gut stop working correctly? This question is the right question.


Imagine one hair on your head, nice and clean, just gently wafting about in the warm summer breeze, then, a droplet of oil falls upon it, just that one hair, it weighs it down and the breeze can no longer tease it into a merry dance, and if the droplet of oil is large enough, as the hair is weighed down, it will stick to another hair or two and eventually over time, the whole scalp and lovely locks will get weighted down with dirt and flop rather than pop, until, you wash it and the cycle occurs all over again. Such is life and such is the villi of our gut.

Some food is easy to digest, some not so. For example, glutens, over time, coat the villi which in itself prevents its function being optimum and then, if the villi are not washed clean, it will get, ”heavy”, stick together and become dysfunctional, even retarded or atrophied, resulting, not in just one manifestation of dis-ease, but that myriad of illnesses that is so utterly debilitating.

Healing a leaky gut - naturally - Spelt flour bread

How to Heal The Gut

The simple answer is, clean it. But what with?

There are many herbs that assist in the repair of the digestive system, such as licorice that has a two-fold benefit with relaxing the adrenal glands to help with de-stressing us as well as offering a gentle gut cleanse, to amino acids like glutamine that is a fuel to the cells that line the gut.

Adding herbs or microgreens to the diet, we must also be honest and consider removing some foods that are known to irritate the gut, like breads made from flour loaded with pesticides and sugar-loaded snacks that stress the whole body leading to degeneration.

Be encouraged. If I was really sick for 5 years and my health has been restored so too can yours be.

2017 - still gluten free, sugar free and for the most part, din’t consume red meats but that’s only because it’s hard on my system and I don’t want to deal with the, albeit, minor health issues, after I’ve eaten it.

2018 - started eating bread made from wheat not treated with chemicals


A physical inner strength, a noted shift, occurred and bothersome twinges as well as certain irritating issues subsided.

Ezekiel Biblical Bread

Started making breads from spelt flour. Actually had a real appetite, literally felt my digestive system change. Improved health all round, including, restored sleep pattern.

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Healthy Skin - Healthy Gut

The title should really read - Healthy Gut - Healthy Skin

Last to mention, but not least, the ingredients in our skin care range have been researched and sourced to help in the repair and healing of the gut. It makes sense. As we've already discovered, we absorb through the largest organ of the body, the skin, so why not deliberately treat the other organs in the process.

Knowing that zinc is required for us to assimilate Vitamin A, which helps in maintaining healthy skin, it makes sense to add all natural minerals to a skin care range.

With prayer, I found the answer and you’ve been led to read this, so you too are on route to a healthy gut and with it, a healthy life.


it's not the gluten, but something used on the gluten, like a pesticide that, over time, prevents, on a cellular level, the assimilation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients in general.

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Your Health Quest : Our Mission

We all want it. To be healthy. But at what cost?

Would you sacrifice your health?

I've done just that. "Needed" a new ..... and purchased less expensive food to compensate. And from, time-to-time, it probably won't give any long-term detrimental health issues, but, when looking after our physical bodies is second to all else, we will suffer.

As simple as I can say it, if you abuse it, you will lose it.

If you want to get well and stay well, a little knowledge goes a long way, so, click on any of the links below and help yourself to some "free stuff" that will stand the test of time.

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ZiNO Botanical Skin Care

Botanical Skin Care

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