Perfect Pancake Mix

by The Perfect Pancake People


Passionate About Pancakes - Once I understood that American pancakes, for me, are so much more superior than a UK pancake, it changed the way I thought of them from being a one off, "maybe I'll get a good one today", to, "yes, let's go get pancakes".

With such a wonderful accolade for such an American iconic food, surely there's a "hitch"?

Of course, over the last 10 years ish, I have had a few pancakes that I wasn't so impressed with, some of which I'd made. Me being me, I had to work my way through various pancake mixes, make pancakes from them in various ways to include additions of herbs as well as ratios of milk:water:buttermilk:cream and as I got better at the art of pancake making, I expected more when I went out to eat them. It was on a birthday that all of this changed.

"Where would you like to go for your birthday?" my hubby asked. The destination was not necessary, and probably neither the cuisine but the word, pancakes, flowed effortlessly. (He was disappointed, he had a Mexican restaurant in mind) And so off we went to a favorite pancake house of mine only to be semi fulfilled, well, I had been making my own for over a year by then. With a new found level of appreciation I just had to put my mix together and now we ar able to bring it to you so you too can experience perfect pancakes, every time. $5 16oz

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Ezekiel 4:9 … take wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet and spelt

It is vital to feed yourself with highest quality food, otherwise, a myriad of health issues will take over your life.

Since Old Testament times, man has used spelt for baking, so it’s nothing new, but definitely a forgotten grain.

Ancient Grain Flour - Spelt Flour - Bread - Ezekiel Bread

Why Spelt Flour?

During 2012, I became gluten sensitive. This made no sense to me as I’d always been healthy, cooked from scratch and loved a well-balanced diet, but there it was, I was sick and I had to know why.

Essentially, my digestive system had stopped functioning correctly and I wasn’t getting the nutrition I needed to remain healthy. Glutens added to the alarming health issues so cutting them out from my diet was the sensible thing to do. This helped, but it did not heal.

From 2012-2016 I was dedicated to applying all I knew as a natural therapist to getting well and staying well. My answer in the healing came through prayer. Taking all the supplements out of my diet and adding microgreens and herbal teas was a huge leap of faith was then that I wanted with a deep urgency to eat bread again. After another year I believed I’d learned all I could on Ancient Grain Breads and decided to introduce them to my diet, with incredible results of health benefits I’d long forgotten and are actually normal, I’ve never looked back.

Ancient Grain Pasta

Gluten Sensitivity and Spelt Grain

Unlike conventional grains, the glutens in spelt flour are much easier to digest, this is owed in part to the fact that it’s balanced in bioavailable vital nutrients that synergistically marry to our needs rather than an array of “enriched” vitamins from man-made sources that our body doesn’t understand and rejects.

I was leery. I didn’t want to get sick. It’s Dec. 2018 and I eat bread, ancient grain bread and I am well, working full-time, playing and building my life again.

Ancient Grain Spelt Flour

Ho w Are We Different?

I want perfect pancakes and I know you do too so we only use the absolute best ingredients available.

The Flour : Ancient grain organic spelt

The Salt - All natural sea salt

The Baking Powder - Aluminum free

The Baking Soda - Balances pH

Ancient Grain Spelt Flour for Pastries

Nutritional Breakdown of Spelt Flour

Nutritional Breakdown

8g dietary fiber - 11g protein

2.1mg manganese (106% DV)

291mg phosphorus (29% DV)

95mg magnesium (25% DV)

5mg niacin (25% DV)

0.4mg copper (21% DV)

3mg iron (18% DV)

2mg zinc (16% DV)

8microgram selenium (11% DV)

277mg potassium (8% DV)

25microgram folate (6% DV)

Qualities of Spelt Flour Baked Goods

• Boosts immunity

• Aids Digestion

• Reduces Cholesterol - Lowers BP

• Rich in dietary fiber/manganese for nutrient assimilation

• High in phosphorous - corrects pH