"It is delusional to think that sunshine is bad for me"


Sensible Sunshine

According to several studies, low Vitamin D status may actually contribute to the development of melanoma and other cancers. As Vitamin D is created by the skin, just taking supplements IS NOT   the answer.

The Vitamin D that is created by the skin is a unique water soluble form of Vitamin D called D sulfate which interacts with cells differently than the fat soluble plant form (D2) you find in fortified foods and the unsulfated form (D3) sold as drops at the health food store (which is also fat soluble). While D3 is beneficial for helping to transport calcium and phosphorous, it cannot replicate all the benefits of D3 sulfate.

Botanical skin care for natural SPF

Fact-Based Findings

Citing - Cancer Journal, 94:1867-75

Deaths from a range of cancers of the reproductive and digestive systems were approximately twice as high in New England as in the southwest, despite a diet that varies little between regions.

An examination of 506 regions found a close inverse correlation between cancer mortality and levels of ultraviolet B light. The likeliest mechanism for a protective effect of sunlight is vitamin D, which is synthesized by the body in the presence of ultraviolet B.

Citing - Elwood et al. 1985 and Hutchinson et al.2000 / Green et al. 1983 

Patients with malignant melanoma exhibit low levels of vitamin D3 in their blood.

This study notes that those with lowest levels of D3 developed metastatic disease faster and . . . others have a problem with the receptor for vitamin D.

The incidence of melanoma of the skin on sites of the body intermittently exposed to sunlight is reduced among outdoor workers compared with indoor workers.

All of this points to a protective role for vitamin D against cancer in general, and melanoma in particular.

Nutritional vitamin D status is linked to our innate immune system and its ability to contain Mycobacterium tuberculosis and sunlight exposure significantly impacts glucose metabolism and metabolic disorders.

In Plain English

Unless you're taking a supplement to help support, rather than, compensate, your body will never function as it should, and it will become lazy, leading to secondary, tertiary .... illnesses, that are dis-eases stemming from imbalances in diet and lifestyle. As mentioned above, Vitamin D comes via the food we eat as well as created by the skin when exposed to sunlight, but each form of Vitamin D does something different and can’t be replicated in a bottle, but rather, naturally as it should be, thus allowing a full spectrum of interactive, synergetic, complementary functions.


Here is a list of naturally occurring oils with their SPF values.

Please note - an SPF value although a scientific, fact-based measurement, due to many other factors, soil type is a good example, will vary and the table is a guide.

SPF of Natural Oils

Red raspberry seed oil SPF 30 - 50

Carrot seed oil SPF 30

Wheat germ oil SPF 20

Hazelnut oil SPF 15

Coconut oil SPF 10

Soybean oil SPF 10

Shea butter SPF 6 -10

Macadamia oil SPF 6

Jojoba oil SPF 4

Rice bran oil SPF 4

Sesame oil SPF 1 -4


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Your Health Quest : Our Mission

We all want it. To be healthy. But at what cost?

Would you sacrifice your health?

I've done just that. "Needed" a new ..... and purchased less expensive food to compensate. And from, time-to-time, it probably won't give any long-term detrimental health issues, but, when looking after our physical bodies is second to all else, we will suffer.

As simple as I can say it, if you abuse it, you will lose it.

If you want to get well and stay well, a little knowledge goes a long way, so, click on any of the links below and help yourself to some "free stuff" that will stand the test of time.

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Ordering Skin Care and Healing Teas

ZiNO Botanical Skin Care

Botanical Skin Care

Using the best, with knowledge, is a win-win and our goal, to see you well, looking great and staying well, is fulfilled.

I never wanted to get sick, watch myself age prematurely and we know you feel the same.

What we've achieved to date is remarkable, witnessing skin heal and people's lives restored is wonderful and we are blessed to have these experiences and hope to be able to continue for many years to come with you alongside us.

4Squared Healing Teas : Synergy 6 Blends

Healing Teas : Synergy 6 Blends

Why We Sell Tea

I've always loved teas but didn't get serious with them until I absolutely wanted not to have to take supplements.

You've probably read my story of when I was unwell and tried everything, mostly supplements and diet restriction, but I yearned for a balanced diet; a full healing. Willing to try tea as an alternative medicine, the results were much better than expected and I did a virtual cartwheel of delight

That's what I want for you. That's why we sell teas.