Alisa Milano

December 14 at 5:05 PM ยท

Many of you know the struggle my daughter had with eczema covering up to 100% of her body for more than a year. We tried allergists, dermatologists both local and out of town. All of their treatments were steroid related and resulted in a cycle of dependency on the steroids. After much research she found support groups all over the world with people experiencing the same thing (topical steroid withdrawal). This journey led her to a courageous decision to stop all prescribed steroid products and allow her body to heal itself. We knew from other's experiences that this was going to be a long journey but I had no idea what we were in for. Shear misery. She was unable to work and many days unable to get out of bed. She lost a significant amount of her hair and became quite isolated. We tried anything we could to give her some comfort...baking soda, apple cider vinegar, bleach baths, olive oil, coconut oil, clean eating, specialized diet, supplements and intravenous vitamins to name just a few. She did begin to experience some moments of relief and her really bad times weren't lasting as long. At this point she wasn't getting out much but agreed to come to the farmer's market with me. That is where we found this amazing line of products! Results came quickly for her using the body serum and after just a few weeks her healing was significant. Since we saw such results with the body serum we decided to give the hair and nail serum a try. Same amazing results! Most of her bald spots are completely gone with just one large spot that is still filling in. I'm thankful every single day for Julie and Gary and their passion in helping people to heal that led us to them.


J. Grinnell (founder)

January 2017

My skin was in a terrible state. 

With several splits in the skin to contend with and  generally rough and pitted skin on arms and legs to the worst soar, cracked, throbbing lips, I had to do something.

I knew it did not have to be complicated but I had to study botanical and cellular biology for a short while again, pray and be confident before I would be able to formulate a lip balm.

Within 3 days of the first application of the lip balm, my lips were repaired. I was just so amazed, after all, I'd tried "everything". The next step was the serum. After 1 day, the splits were healed over, at 2 days, the redness was gone, by the end of the third day, there was no evidence of the skin ever having been split. I couldn't stop there and put together a creme. I wanted something light, smooth, rich and highly absorbent and so the "ZiNO Intensive Creme" was born and all those rough patches, pitted areas, dryness and redness was a thing of the past.

"ZiNO Boranical's -TRIED-TESTED-TRUE- because you care."


ZiNO Skin Care is a full range of all natural skin care line for you to benefit from

A skin care range that feeds you from the outside in, because, if it goes in, it can go on

Your Health Quest : Our Mission

We all want it. To be healthy. But at what cost?

Would you sacrifice your health?

I've done just that. "Needed" a new ..... and purchased less expensive food to compensate. And from, time-to-time, it probably won't give any long-term detrimental health issues, but, when looking after our physical bodies is second to all else, we will suffer.

As simple as I can say it, if you abuse it, you will lose it.

If you want to get well and stay well, a little knowledge goes a long way, so, click on any of the links below and help yourself to some "free stuff" that will stand the test of time.

Leaky Gut  Cholesterol  Vitamin D



A name you can trust. Tried and tested for purity and effectiveness

ZiNO Botanical Skin Care

Botanical Skin Care

Using the best, with knowledge, is a win-win and our goal, to see you well, looking great and staying well, is fulfilled.

I never wanted to get sick, watch myself age prematurely and we know you feel the same.

What we've achieved to date is remarkable, witnessing skin heal and people's lives restored is wonderful and we are blessed to have these experiences and hope to be able to continue for many years to come with you alongside us.


4Squared Healing Teas : Synergy 6 Blends

Teas : Synergy 6 Blends

Why We Sell Tea

I've always loved teas but didn't get serious with them until I absolutely wanted not to have to take supplements.

You've probably read my story of when I was unwell and tried everything, mostly supplements and diet restriction, but I yearned for a balanced diet; a full healing. Willing to try tea as an alternative medicine, the results were much better than expected and I did a virtual cartwheel of delight

That's what I want for you. That's why we sell teas.